Thursday, August 12, 2010

A hunting we shall go.

I am guessing here, that a bunch of you like me like to find old cemeteries to stroll though. I don't know why I am draw to old graves. Only that I am.

I had a long time friend spend a couple days with me while on her move to Detroit. She likes old graves too so I grabbed my Canon and off we went hunting.

Now one important thing I have learned in this last year when asking strangers for information. Is never to ask them if they know of any old grave yards in the area. I don't know if they think your going to try and rob it or it is just to morbid for them to think about it. Either way, they will give you an odd look and tend to clam up right on the spot. Instead, I have learned to ask instead for civil war graves. For the most part what I will get then is. " I don't know if there is anyone there from the civil war but there are a lot of old grave stones there." Perfect!!

Anyway, getting off track here. I found one grave yard that was just a little gem for me and tickled me pink.

As I was pulling into the drive way of the church this monument just jumped out at me.

After reading this, I was like WOW! Who are these people that almost a 100 yrs after their death this monument was built in their name? I am guessing that the one who did do this would be grandchildren or maybe even great children and only knew them though stories passed down to them. Either way they must have been dearly loved and I want to know their story so bad I can taste it!

From the stone, they were already 50 yrs old when they emigrated to this country. What made them take on such a big change that late in life. Were they following their children? Did their children follow them? Did they all make the move together? So much to find out. Um, is it stalking to trace someone roots that you are not related to or NOT been hire to do? I sure hope not! :)

Another interesting thing I find in the Smith Cemetery is a very nice head stone for 2 brothers who died in the civil war. How this must of broke their mama's heart. So I took a shot of it. Front and back. It gives the information of where each fell. And there was something written on the back but by this time I was so wore out I just grab a shot of it.

Today while going back though the images I read what was on the back of that stone and, well, it stunned me. It was, " In Memory of" someone who wasn't on the font of stone! So now I am wondering, is this a Brother in law? I can't see it being a cousin. But what do I know. I am new to all of this still. I just know I've never seen a head stone like that before. However, for that matter. This is the nicest headstone I have seen to date for a civil war grave. So I ask you all, my friends who do know what they are doing. Is the third name on the back of a stone common for that era? And do you think this is a stone that was set up during the civil war or at a later date?


  1. good post. Do you share with Find A Grave?

  2. Yes, I do. I've not uploaded these though. I've just started there actually. I have 5 others from a different grave yard per a request.

  3. This is very interesting, (the in memory of on the back) there must be some family connection.