Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Rosa Stephens Cox Part 1.

Where great grandma Rosa's Stephens story begun I still don't know. However, I do know where it ended...

As I've said in earlier post, Rosa is Mance and Daddy-Paw's beloved mother. Once I had the brothers real name it was easier to trace their footsteps to some degree. I found Rosa in a 1910 census surround by her young family.

Husband John, first born son Mance, next came Leamon (Daddy-Paw). What the census doesn't tell is that Rosa was 8 months pregnant with Ernest.

I became obsessed with Rosa. If I could only find her, I would then find the children. It was Ernest coal mining records that led me to his family and the information I needed to move forward. Once I had this information I found a death certificate for Rosa which thankfully listed the cemetery where not only she laid but the whole family. We have grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins!!

Wellllll, anyone who knows me, knows when I get excited I can not contain it! And poor Joe knew that he would have no peace till we found this cemetery and I had visited Rosa's grave. I did not care that John and the rest of his family laid here too. I did not care that Rosa was NOT my great grandmother but Joe's. I had been obbsed with her for to long. I felt like she was lost to the family and this became a driving need. I had to find her, I had to touch her headstone. I had to let her know she had Kin who loved and missed her even though they had never met.

Well find her we did. It is out in the middle of no where and it is full of the Cox family! When I found her Father and Mother in-law I knew she had to be close. Then I saw the headstone...

I'll end here for now. This is more, this family is far from done with me.

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